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You Know You’re a Beer Snob When…

If you’ve ever been to a brewery, you’ve likely spotted a sophisticated beer drink or two. But what really makes someone a beer snob? It’s about more than having high standards and refined palettes (those these certainly do help). If you embody at least a few of these characteristics, you just might be a bonafide beer snob.

You’re not just picky about what you drink.

You’re also a stickler about what your friends drink. In fact, you likely base your friendship choices on their beer preferences. Which is probably why you’ve been spending more time on Untappd than documenting the latest pour you tasted on Instagram.

You could never choose a favorite craft beer.

And why should you? It’s much more fun to create a list of craft beers you’ve personally evaluated, categorized by clarity, taste and mouthfeel – which you’re always happy to rattle off to anyone who asks.

You scoff when someone says all beers are the same.

Whether you sniff before you sip or you get right to the tasting, it’s clear to you that every beer is different. Heck, you could probably tell the difference between a Belgian and an Imperial Stout just by smell or mouthfeel alone.

You only throw beer tasting parties.

There ain’t no party like a beer tasting party – and preferably with at least one beer your friends haven’t tried yet. In fact, you probably never attend so much as a barbeque without your own craft beer in tow, just in case the “canned” selection isn’t fit for a discerning palette. Especially if they’re the light variety.

You get excited about beer releases.

And you don’t blink at driving two hours or more just to see what’s new on tap. Or even to check out a newly opened beer bar or brewery. Because the journey is always worth it when the destination promises to deliver.

You know which glass pairs with which beer.

And you wouldn’t be caught dead sipping anything from a mason jar (let alone a can, which is just beneath you). There’s an art and science to matching the right pour to the right glassware. There’s a reason why pilsners, steins and tulips were made for specific beer styles. Get it right, people.

You’re known for making our own beer at home.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing you like bragging about more than being your own craft brewmaster. And submitting your artful flavors to local beer tasting contests. And daydreaming about one day having your brew featured in a cask at your favorite local brewery…

Hops to It

Think you’ve got the makings of true beer snobbery? Tell us how you stack up in the comments.

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